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ACTION - European Project on Childhood Aggression: Einladung zur Teilnahme an Online Befragung

A European research project exploring the current diagnostic, prevention and intervention practices for severe behaviour problems (SBPs; Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder) in children is currently conducted at CURIUM-LUMC, Netherlands, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Robert Vermeiren. The project is part of a large international research programme investigating aggression in children, titled ACTION (

The present study involves two parts:

1. An inventory of nationwide guidelines (completed by professors/experts) AND

2. An inventory of professionals’ current practices, opinions and concerns (completed by clinicians) on diagnosing and treating SBPs in children aged 6-12 in Europe

Please find further information on the project here: European Project on Childhood Aggression

You are kindly invited to participate in part 2 of the project, which consists of a 20 minutes long ONLINE SURVEY.

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