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FICE Austria participates in the EU funded project FORUM

FICE Austria is a partner in the EU awarded project FORUM - FOR Unaccompanied Minors: transfer of knowledge for professionals to increase foster care. The project is funded in a framework of Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020, under the Call for Proposals EU REC-RCHI-PROF-AG-2016.

Overall objective of the project is to develop UAM foster care services in Europe.

Specific objectives:

  • to raise awareness of the key stakeholders about the benefits of foster care in alternative of reception centres for the care of UAM

  • to develop training package and standards in line with EU best practices in the sector of UAM foster care services

  • to provide fresh knowledge on UAM foster care to professionals of the project target countries with less experience

More information about the project could be found here.

Kick-off meeting of the project was held on November 22nd in Milan, Italy. Further updates on the project implementation will follow.

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