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Quality for children

Quality4Children project is a common project of SOS Children’s Villages, IFCO and FICE.



Each child and youth without parental care has to be given the chance to shape his/her future in order to become a self-reliant, self-responsible and participating member of society, through living in a supportive, protective and caring environment, which promotes his/her full potential.



  • To create a European network of stakeholders advocating children’s rights in out-of-home care.

  • To develop international quality standards based on by using the experiences and good practices from people directly concerned.

  • To promote the implementation and monitoring of the standards at European, national and local level.



Based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the objective of the project is to assure and improve the chances of development of children and youth in out-of-home care by

  • collecting good practices

  • developing quality standards

  • implementing quality standards

  • setting up a European network of people working in the field, youth, representatives of the scientific / research community, representatives of social / youth welfare authorities and politicians.



Qualiy4Children has five main equal values which were considered during the project. These are:

  • Participation: People directly concerned by out-of-home child care have been actively involved in the project since 2004; these include children and young adults who have experiences in out-of-home care, families of origin, caregivers and social workers.

  • Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity: Gender mainstreaming and the diversity of all those involved in out-of-home care are reflected in the processes.

  • Partnership: People and organizations directly concerned by out-of-home child care have the opportunity to join the project at national and international level. Commitment: Q4C commits to the UN CRC.

  • Accountability and Sustainability: Q4C is accountable to the 3 organizations that created the project. Its sustainability will be ensured through a European network steered by the 3 organizations, which will ensure the promotion of the standards and the development of partnerships to advocate the improvement of the situation and development chances of children in out-of-home care.

Participation: 32 European countries

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